topgundcp said:
Your Router has the same interface as mine. The 6300 Manual is attached below and look on page 37.
If you still want to set up static IP's for all 7 devices.
  1. Log into the router by entering: routerlogin.com
  2. Advanced->Administrations->Backup settings and save a copy of your current configuration. Just in case you mess up.
  3. With your devices turned on, go to: Advanced->Attached devices. You'll see the list of devices IP's & MAC ID's for each device
  4. Advanced->LAN Setup. click on Add: Enter the first IP e.g, Enter a Name (any name to identify the device), enter the MAC ID which you see on the Attached devices list to bind the IP & the MAC ID of the device together then click Apply.Do the same for next device.
  5. After all done. Reset the router, reboot the devices. You should have a fixed IP assigned to each device.
Thanks for all this info, I have saved everything, incase I decide to try this. Right now thou, every time I log on to my router
the address's NEVER change.....been checking them for weeks now. Also I have 10 devices with different IP's, some with no
name or label. If I did want to make fixed IP addresses think I would only add my 2 computers. Not all 10 devices.
Thanks for giving me all this info and tips thou.