Hi all,

I have couple of bizarre issues with network and sharing.

Issue 1:
WiFi Printer
* Windows can't detect WiFi printer
* after many troubleshooting, I was able to 'discover' it but can't really use it for scanning or printing
* After a PC reboot, the printer will display as offline
* WiFi printer will 100% work if I use my PC WiFi enabled motherboard capabilities as an AP for the printer.

Issue 2:
WiFi file transfers via Android ES File Explorer app
* On the same token of the previous issue, it seems I cannot transfer data
* I can access my shared PC folders via mobile device
* I can read files
* I can't copy files to my PC via mobile device as opposed to previous times
* I used AirDroid and the same issue happens
* I used my work PC in my office, and no issues with AirDroid there

I'm in desperate need for help!
I'd really appreciate if someone can troubleshoot with me the settings in Win10. Maybe something is blocking or limiting the communication between WiFi devices.


* Printer - Canon MG3200 series Wireless all in one printer, running drivers from Canon website (not windows default)
* Windows 10 Pro clean install (this happened on Windows 8.1 as well, thus leading to believe it's a router firmware issue)
* At work, windows 8.1 and also OS X. Working great.
* Printer and router are located at the same location as they did when it used to work. That means, there are no location changes that might affect wifi signal quality.
* I'm no longer able to find the printer when I try to add a network printer or using any other means of discovery.
* The canon driver installation wizard has a built in printer discovery, and that fails as well. When connected via USB, it works fine.
* My motherboard has a builtin WiFi card which is configured as access point. I'm able to use this workaround to discover the printer. That means, it's not a printer issue.
* Last time I was able to at least discover the printer via Windows, I was able to access the printer web service (192.168.1.x) however the connection was flaky. The page wouldn't render correctly all the time.

2. Regarding windows permissions - the shared folder is configured for Read/Write to Everyone.
* Network discovery is enabled
* I disabled firewall on the router and on windows to no avail
* I can view the files and even create a folder via ES File Explorer, but cannot copy files over.

Appreciate any help I can get!