Hey everybody,

I have no idea if anyone can help me with this, because it's so weird, but here goes.

I recently upgraded a laptop of mine to Windows 10 (clean install). I often transfer files to and from this laptop with a desktop (running Windows 8.1) on my home network. When I do this, I get the standard copying progress box, which shows the files being sent. The box hits 100%, and goes away, but sometimes it the file has not been completely sent.

If I leave both computers connected and try to access the files from the destination system, after a delay, the transfer seems to complete in the background and the file loads. However, if I don't bother to load the files, then I run into major problems. On my 8.1 box, the file is simply truncated; a few kb are missing from the end of it. This is bad enough, but on my Windows 10 box, opening the folder containing the file causes explorer to crash and I have to restart it in task manager. The next time I reconnect the two computers, it only takes a few seconds for Windows to fix the issue and finish copying the file, but as you can imagine, this is super frustrating.

Any ideas at all? It doesn't happen every single time, but it happens fairly often. It doesn't seem to matter whether I connect using my wifi or if I plug into my router with a CAT-5. I feel like it has to be some kind of background network transfer service that's not working right, but I have no idea how to change/disable it.