2 pc's-- win 10 and win xp. i can share files from either pc but can't print from the xp to the win 10 (where the printer is installed) whenever i try to install a network printer to the xp pc, it wants a un and pw. both pc's have the same login pw. whenever i try to install a network printer on the xp pc, the scenario goes like this: open the add printer wizard > select browse for a printer and click next > the wizard finds my printer and when i select it and click next a window opens up with the title "connect to optiplex . . . (the dell pc with win 10). this window is asking for UN and PW. i KNOW without a doubt, i have never implemented a PW on either of these pc's (other than the login PW- which is the same for each pc. could this be a driver issue ? i would think windows would have these drivers (installed from the disk whenever i originally installed the printer to this pc 4 yrs ago). both pc's in "WORKGROUP" workgroup. file and print sharing are both enabled in the win 10 pc
unless i can get around this PW issue, it looks like i'm dead in the water. any help appreciated

the ert