Hi, Running SBS 2011 with all Window 7 computers except for 2. One was a fresh install of Win10Pro x64 and the other was an upgrade from Win8.1
Both the PC's with Win10 (mine and my bosses) only see the same two users on the network (In this case 'Sally' and 'Michele'.

All the Windows 7 computers see everyone on the network plus, vitally, the server. In order for me to map a drive letter to a network location I have had to create a policy on the server that creates the drive when the user logs in. If not I would not have been able to contact the server to map the drive.

I have updated the network drivers (Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller) to the lastest one I could find.
I have manually entered all TCP/IP properites in the adapter settings instead of using DHCP.

To be honest, I'm out of ideas. Both of these machines worked fine in this area pre-Windows 10 Pro.

Any help would be appreciated.