It's sort of like Homegroup on Windows 10, minus the Microsoft limitations. It works by connecting through SSH and you build a personal space for your settings and programs and files you want to share or access remotely to others. It can be developed on using Python, C++, C#, Java, Python, VB.NET, pretty much anything today. These programs run locally on your own computer and the file system is integrated into Windows Explorer.

Unlike Homegroups, this can be seen as an alternative to websites and it's all secured and encrypted. It's a one port fits all and that port can be changed as you wish for added security. It's also designed to be portable without needing to be port forwarded by using Hamachi. You can build things from scratch like messaging services, multiplayer games, video streaming (like YouTube), etc.

I've even incorporated this network into my own business and people connect to the server anywhere in the world. It works very well for that. These are only the basic things, what we know is much MUCH more. I will post the video here if anyone's interested in this and makes a reply.