After doing a clean install (iso image) of windows 10 Pro (build 10240) I am experiencing problems with my WIfi connection. The device manager says that the network adapter is working correctly and I have internet access. The problem however is that randomly, when I click a link, the browser gives me a 'SERVER NOT FOUND' message. If I then click the refresh button in the browser, usually the page loads correctly.

All the settings say that the connection should be performing optimally, but I keep getting this annoying problem. It's almost as if the connection drops very shortly but then connects back again without any reason. In the meantime I am getting the SERVER NOT FOUND message in the browser. Of course when refreshing the page, the connection is probably back. Very strange.

Anyone know what can be done about this ? I don't think that installing a new OS should be such a hassle, but it is.

Thanks in advance,