I have an issue which I hope somebody can shed some light on. We have an application which was written during the time of Windows XP. This application looks for a Microsoft Access Database file on our server via a mapped drive, for example the path is "G:\Despatch Data".

This software has worked unchanged since windows XP but has continued to work in Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1.

The problem however is Windows 10, if we try and load the software we get the following error......

Run-Time error 3044

'G:\Despatch Data\service.mdb is not a valid path........'

However if I type in the exact same command line into My PC then it works without issue.

Another example of my Mapped Drive madness is also with Opera, if we have for example drive F: mapped to the server, the Opera installer (again designed for XP) cannot find any F: drive. I can then create a mapped drive in Opera (i.e. drive L) which will work however this does not show in My PC as a connected drive. It will also remain available to Opera as drive L until I reboot the PC.

I'm guessing the way in which windows 10 and XP differ in how they store the mapped drive settings and the older software is somehow trying to look-up the path using the old method.

Any advise greatly received.