Home WiFi and mobile phone query

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    Home WiFi and mobile phone query

    Hi all,
    I had a question regarding my NBN WiFi and my mother's Samsung phone? I'm living with her and I set up my NBN
    service here. I have a laptop running Windows 10 ( OS Build 19045.2965 ) and I use the WiFi as does my iPhone 7 when I'm home. I've connected her phone to my network so she can use it. My questions are - I'm always checking my router page for additional connections and found one recently so I changed my password. Can someone get through to my devices via my mother's phone? Also, regarding my phone when I'm out, do I turn of WiFi? Appreciate your help. Thank you.
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    "Can someone get through to my devices via my mother's phone?"
    If it's on your network then, Yes.
    So make sure she has a security app on her phone that she updates frequently. She might also need to scan with it frequently but it might handle all that itself for all I know.

    "my phone when I'm out, do I turn of WiFi?"
    Yes, it's just wasted energy otherwise.

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    The above post makes no mention as to why the yes answers and is very erroneous.

    I'm an above average or expert when it comes to this stuff, so here it goes.

    Should you turn off your Wi-Fi when not needed? It really depends. If you have a lot of IoT around then your answer is no. Is keeping it off protecting you? No. Just having it one for five minutes is all it takes to hack a Wi-Fi network. The saving power idea is bunk. Who cares. It's super trivial and a wall adapter would pull more than a Wi-Fi chip in the router/modem.

    Can just using the phone with your Wi-Fi hack the network. No. Not the phone its self. There are better and more easier ways.

    Follow this advice:

    • Keep the router or modem's firmware updated. If you want to learn, use a third-party firmware like ASUS Merlin, DD-WRT, etc.
    • The Wi-Fi password should be at least 20 characters long using uppercase, lowercase letters, numbers and symbols.
    • Access the router or modem and if possible turn off the WPS option. Never use WPS to setup the Wi-Fi password. It's super hackable!
    • Go into the router or modem and make sure the following is turned off: UPnP, port forwarding and remote router access. Don't use port forwarding, don't use UPnP. If you need port forwarding, you'll want to deploy OPNsense or pfSense. Or in lieu of that something like ZeroTier One.
    • Chane the default router or modem username and password to something else. Use a good password manager. At this time I highly recommend Keepass or Bitwarden which would be easier to use. There are a few things I don't like about Bitwarden, but it beats the competition. I did the research...

    Now, go to this site.

    Take your IP address and enter it here at this site and this site.

    See any open ports on your end with your IP address like port 7547? If so, read here

    If some of the advice I posted makes no sense, it's for others that may come across this thread. Any questions ask and I'll try my best to explain in plain English...
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    Wow, that was great F22 Simpilot. Thanks, much appreciated.
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    No problem. There's actually many ways to hack things though. It's all about staying abreast of that stuff and having an interesting it. If you don't you're kinda like a fish in a barrel... it's only a matter of time...

    Oh, one more thing.

    • Always delete or forget all saved Wi-Fi networks in your phone.

    Well, except your home Wi-Fi... But even that is hackable by a swarm attack...

    Li-Fi is the next evolution in wireless networking. It uses light (infrared) to send data so that hackers from the outside can't access it. Oh, they'll try different things, but all in all it's better than the RF (Radio Frequency) portion of the electromagnetic spectrum for communications.

    The only bad part about Li-Fi is that you need an transceiver in all locations of the premises. But maybe, just maybe future light bulbs will have Li-Fi built-in...


    Well, it looks pretty niche... Li-Fi - Wikipedia
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    No one can get through unless they are allowed access to your network or a Windows or Android device is infected with malware that allows for remote connections.
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    Appreciate it Bro67. But what about the WiFi on my phone while I'm out say at the market? Because I have mobile and WiFi on my phone and use the WiFi when I'm home and switching off the mobile service. Someone was saying I need to turn off the WiFi while I'm out from home. Sorry to harp on this and for sounding paranoid but isn't having your WiFi set to on while out form home not a good thing. Thanks.
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    htdog said:
    Someone was saying I need to turn off the WiFi while I'm out from home.
    I did not say you needed to.
    I said it was a waste of energy.

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