I have been using an SSD drive connected to Readyshare on a Netgear R7000 router for making incremental backups. Readyshare has been accessed from Macrium Reflect on Windows 10 each day at 9AM. The PC and router are connected by an Ethernet cable.

Starting 2 days ago I can no longer see Readyshare with file explorer. I can remember getting a popup message warning of an IP conflict about that time. I suspect a win10 update did something, but I don't know.

SMB1 settings are:
SMB1/CIFS Automatic removal UnChecked
SMB1/CIFS Client checked
SMB1/CIFS Server Checked

R7000 firmware version V1.0.11.126
Windows 10 Pro version V10.0.19045

What would explain this inaccessability of Readyshare and how might I fix it?