I had to uninstall the latest update, KB5025221, and it immediately started working again fine.

I have software, that I run on my android devices, that creates a WiFi server, and I connect to it, thru my desktop machine.

After installing KB5025221, it won't let me connect to in a web browser, but I can connect to (my router address).

After uninstalling the latest window update, it fixes it. I presume one of the security fixes in this update, is something to prevent connecting to local network locations?

If I reinstall the latest windows update, is there a fix for this, or an option in windows that would allow me to connect to in my web browser?

- - - Updated - - -

Sort of expected for nobody to have a clue what I was talking about.

I tested and verified that after installing the KB5025221 update for Windows 10, released on April 12, that I can not access links such as, in a web browser (tested on both Firefox and Chrome).

After uninstalling the update, this fixes it. If you re-install the update, it happens again. Not sure why, and apparently nobody else knows why, this happens.