on Win 7 I created an incoming VPN connection
Using my laptop to VPN to that PC I not only had access to my own network, but also could use Internet with my home IP address. This helped in watching TV when in a foreign country :)

I have tried to connect both to a Windows 10 Incoming and a Windows 7 incoming connection (using my Win10 laptop) but I always get " No Internet access" so... apparently no real routing is done anymore.

I seems to be caused by the Windows 10 client, but when connecting VPN to a Small Business Server 2008, indeed this same Routing is done.... So I don't understand where it's going wrong.

What I want:
Incoming connection on my Office PC (I did forward both port 1723 and 47 to that (Win7) PC
VPN connection on my Win 10 laptop

and to be able to browse Internet WHILE having a VPN connection

Thanks, Harpert