Hi there

Using SIMPLE / standard File sharing connections and all computers in the LAN on the same network name e.g WORKGROUP.

confusion seems rife over what user names to use when connecting to SHARES TO or FROM a machine logged on with an MS account from a machine logged on using a LOCAL account.

Assume Ms account machine is GREYFOX, Local account machine is BLACKDOG

Easy way

1) Logged on with LOCAL account - connect to shares on Ms account machine

Very important -- look in the USERS directory on the Ms account machine on the "C" drive -- say it's FRED. This could be different to the Login name you see on the login screen (the bit before the @ in the email address shown on the login screen)

so to login to the Ms account shares

Username : Fred
Password : Your password for your Ms account

2) Logged on with MS account connect to shares on Local machine

Password : Fred's password on the local machine