same 5 g on windows 12
Daymin said:
Honestly why can't we have metered internet service that charges up to $60 dollars a month and then stops bothering you. I mean it is just dumb to pay $90 a month. Even with the 5G it is just moronic to have 5G on the go. Your basically fueling progress for the next couple of generations down the road.

I am going to be honest. I just use the internet to download anything to everything. I do not buy DLC and if I found anything to be DLC I would grab it. I do not care if my ISP stops my connection and or force me to call them. It is just dumb. Beyond that 56K is acceptable. .

If we had a metered service option that was like ten cents per each gigabyte I would be hooked on that. Again just stop it after $60. In the past I was downloading downloading like crazy, like 100Gigs every night. Today I just do not really feel like searching so much anymore. I only go online with my phone to play Mario Kart or browse for income related stuff. Nothing else really beyond that.

Over all it is a waste of money and I was better not knowing what was out there. Nowadays I see pre-teens with Monochrome phones because the parents do not want them to get influenced. I wish my parents was intelligent that way. Their are some stuff you do not need in your life to influence you.
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