I upgraded two desktops to Win 10 (one from Win 7 and one from Win 8.1). I have issues with setting up a network.

First, I tried to set up a homegroup and I failed (i already posted another question on this subject with no luck so far). OK, forget about the homegroup, lets do it without it.

At this point, desktop A can see shared folders and a printer on desktop B - I did have to enter network credentials. Desktop B however cannot. It can see the desktop A under Network but when I click on it, it is asking to Enter network credential to connect to A. When I do that, it says that the user name or password is incorrect (and I am using the same user name and password that I use on desktop A to log on). What am I missing?

Both computers are on the same Workgroup "WORKGROUP". BTW - and I am not sure if that is relevant - when I try to enter credentials on desktop B and it is asking for User name and Password, just below it says "Domain: Dudley" - Dudley is my logging name.

Thanks for any suggestion.