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    Also, they set up the new tp link router recently. They just reset the modem, didn't unplug it. They then added the tp link router. They had a friend help them... it is someone who has verizon fios but they figure well it should be similar. Now here is the thing... i asked them to check the speedtest in all the locations in the house. And this is what it looks like before and after... thus old netgear n600 modem vs the new tp link 2600 router.

    We are paying for 200mbps for cable internet but because our old netgear n600 router gives max 100mbps... well that would be the most mbps we get.

    Our modem and router is in second floor and is put towards the middle/northern end of the second floor.

    In the basement but in the other end of it...we get around 21 mbps only. Now its 70mbps.

    In the middle of the basement... we get around 50mbps. Now its 208mbps.

    In the first floor but in the other end of it, we get around 21 mbps only. Now its 163 mbps

    In the middle of the first floor we get around 50 mbps. Now its 219mbps.

    Now in the first floor doorway, we only get 3 mbps. Now its 58 mbps.

    Also that is right next to the first floor but in the other end of it... except there is a wall dividing it. So imagine if there was no wall before that area and the room in the first room... its like few steps away. So is that a big thing? I had no idea the speedtest is that little there.

    So would you say this is a huge improvement. Again they just installed the new tp link router recently and these speeds should be more than good? Thus no need for an extender or consider mesh right?

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    I am glad to see that your new router is working out for you. It sure made a big difference.

    When I had 200Mbps Internet the fastest my laptop with 802.11ac would do is 180Mbps. My desktops with 1000 Mbps Ethernet connections would get about 230Mbps.

    It looks like you are doing similar in some parts of your house. It all depends upon if what you have now is good enough. I am sure if you wanted to go to the expense of adding something like a mesh network you could do a little better in the parts of the house that are less than 100Mbps. Just remember that you are never going to get better than 220Mbps with 200Mbps Internet.
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    Thanks for that information. So if they say they don't have any issues with the wifi this week throughout the house, then keep it right? But wouldn't the mesh network probably give lesser speeds in mbps if we had that to compare it though? Big difference is the signal strength would be stronger... but the mbps might be slower?

    Also those mbps even the lowest one is more than good enough right?
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    It's a huge improvement alright, but as you can see for yourself there are still plenty of areas where the speed either is not or is not much better than 100Mbps, and, some areas the speed's significantly worse than 100Mbps. So then obviously the main question is, how important is speed in these areas? Only the people who are using it can provide the answer to that, but you might also keep in mind that speed can fluctuate, sometimes heavily, depending on the environment also including what other devices are present. Moving even just one small piece of furniture over a relatively small distance can make a surprisingly big difference, that I have noticed myself. Especially metal objects that are positioned directly on the path that separates the device and router can have a strong tendency to create interference often to the point of blocking the signal completely or causing it to function intermittently─and/or be more sensitive to other factors that have an impact also in addition to this.

    With the old RT-N66U, sitting on the other side of the fridge in the kitchen was no go. And it didn't have enough power to reach the dining table in the living room in such a way that can be called reliably stable. This was on the 2.4GHz band, as the 5GHz band the range was even much poorer than this, albeit I am talking about distances far beyond 50 ft. and going through multiple concrete walls here. In comparison, just a single RT-AX92U the 5GHz band reaches far beyond the dining table with relative ease, but the internet speed of my phone dropped to 140Mbps after I walked over to that location. Still using just a single RT-AX92U the fridge location was still no go, but nevertheless throughout the rest of the ground floor the WiFi speed was mostly about equal or above the maximum that my ISP is giving me through my cable modem, which is typically about 185Mbps-190Mbps for me on my 200Mbps internet subscription. (Using Ookla speedtest on my Huawei P30 Pro to run some quick tests.)

    However, after I hooked up the 2nd RT-AX92U unit via wired backhaul, I can walk around the house, outside in the garden space and not lose my signal excepting only a very short moment when it roams although when it roams, it does so butter-smooth. I was highly skeptical about AiMesh 2.0 based on user experiences I had been reading online. Looks like the recent firmware upgrades from Asus pretty much changed EVERYTHING. Solid pieces of hardware IME, just need to get out of bed a little earlier to deal with all the extra settings.
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    This is a good improvement compared to the old router, with a router on the second floor and the size of your house the wifi coverage is good. In the middle of the first floor and the basement you reach the speed of your ISP, if later you take a higher internet connection then maybe you could exceed 200Mbps in the middle of these rooms.

    Yes, the lowest speeds are sufficient to download large files, watch 4K TV streams (even 8K), listen music in uncompressed format and play online video games for casual to normal gamers.

    With a mesh system it could be less, equal or greater, but the mesh is supposed to be better. You should stay with these speeds, but it depends on what you need in the slower speed areas.
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