so, I am trying to make the following:

(idB)USB wifi as Access Point <---WALL---> Windows 10 Pro Laptop <----WALL---> (idA)USB wifi connected to internet

idA is an Alfa networks long range wifi adapter
idB USB is located 4 meters away from idA USB and two concrete walls in the middle

I have attempted to used Windows 10 sharing, but I ended up with idA USB adapter expanding the network, which is pointless since its behind a concrete wall.
I found Connectify Hotspot Pro, but it ended up doing the same thing even when I used their special network.
I have attempted to create a virtual ethernet adapter and share it, failed, windows allways creates the access point in the idA USB.
Please do not answer : use an ethernet cable, I want to use 1 laptop, two USB adapters!

Windows 10 Pro OS build (19042.685)