Disable WLAN AutoConfig WiFi auto recovery function.  

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    Windows 10 Pro

    Disable WLAN AutoConfig WiFi auto recovery function.

    Win10Pro 20H2 19042.928

    I notices this behavior a few versions back and thought it was my WiFi card acting up but then noticed it on other Win10 computers. The service WLAN AutoConfig will monitor, disconnect and reconnect the WiFi network if the internet is unreachable. Convenient, but not when I'm configuring and testing scripts on my router. It there a way to disable this annoying behavior? Disabling WLAN AutoConfig will pretty much disable WiFi too.

    WLAN AutoConfig detected limited connectivity, attempting automatic recovery.

    Recovery Type: 4
    Error Code: 0x0
    Trigger Reason: 5
    IP Family: 0

    Sometimes I just can't be bothered to use a wired connection and stand near my router. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    Windows 10 Professional x64

    Same here ! I've just had an ADSL desync a few minutes ago, and Windows immediately decided to restart my wireless interface.

    I don't know what came through the Redmond minds this time, because this has the nasty consequence that when internet becomes unavailable, local connectivity becomes unstable because of this. That's not acceptable, and feels very amateurish if you ask me. That being said, Microsoft has never been well-known for its networking expertise...

    My connection is very stable, with Wi-Fi remaining associated to the AP during the whole day, except when it comes to Windows machines that is.

    Now, the "solution" : It's possible to disable autoconfig while not stopping the wlansvc service, that's through netsh.exe.

    To view the autoconfig status on interfaces :
     netsh.exe wlan show autoconfig
    To disable autoconfig on an interface :
     netsh.exe wlan set autoconfig no "My wireless interface name"
    The problem with that (and the reason why I didn't do it myself... yet) is that the system won't autoconnect to wireless networks any more ; that will have to be done manually. But I've reached a point where I may consider it the best option for a stable network.

    To be honest, I'm not 100% sure it will disable auto wlan recovery, but there are chances it will work. Ideally one should be able to disable that annoying "feature", but I'm not sure there is a GPO for this.

    EDIT : There is a GPO to disable NCSI (Network Connectivity Status Indicator) passive checks in Network => NCSI. I just did that to see if it will change anything. It's possible to disable the active checks too in System => Internet Communication Management => Internet Communication Settings (I didn't try this one yet).

    Beware however, it seems you're punished from activating this GPO option by the system showing you permanently as if you were disconnected. MS probably doesn't want you to disable that phone home feature, and that's probably why they put it in a place that's more difficult to find.
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    windows 10

    What is the wireless very often wifi comes with its own software which doesnt use WLAN AutoConfig
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    Windows 10 Professional x64

    Very often ? I remember it used to be like that in the old times of Windows 2000, but I've not seen it on my hardware since 2008 at the very least... but that may be because among options I often choose the most generic one.

    Anyway now that you speak of it, maybe resorting to third party wireless management software is the solution, if MS can't manage it properly.
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    22H2 64 Bit Pro

    You need to try to figure out why it disconnects. Could be a DNS problem, a router configuration issue, a wiring issue, or a whole lot of other things. Even interference from other nearby WiFi networks using the same channel (or close to the same channel).

    Fix WiFi is disconnecting frequently in Windows 10

    I don't know how to diagnose but try using another machine if you've got one and see if the same thing happens.

    On another note I've used this for some time:

    Disable WLAN AutoConfig WiFi auto recovery function.-wlan-opt-1.png

    Disable WLAN AutoConfig WiFi auto recovery function.-wlan-opt-2.png
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    Windows 10 Professional x64

    Hi Callender, thanks for coming in !

    My problem (and OP's too it seems) is that once I lose internet connectivity, the OS feels the need to trash local connectivity as well by restarting the wireless driver. Heck, having a few seconds of internet starvation isn't the end of the world... There are other things in life, even in my own computer's life, than internet.

    My old Linux box, connected to the same AP, at the same speed, remains associated without a problem. Each and every day, including today (I just checked), it associates upon boot and remains steadily connected, until I shut it down. One AP association per day, that's all.

    So, I know I lose internet sometimes, it's normal and it's not the subject here. If only Windows could refrain from restarting my wireless driver in such cases, that would be cool.

    I just experienced the same thing again despite having disabled NCSI passive checks, so it doesn't seem to help, hence I now disabled the active checks (didn't reactivate the passive checks for now). Time will tell ! If that's not enough, next step will be to disable autoconfig.

    Naturally, I will come back with the results.

    EDIT : Contrary to what is mentioned in a page I linked in a previous post, disabling active tests doesn't show me the No internet access indicator, which is good.
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    NovHak Thanks for the fix

    Callender I'm losing connectivity because I'm modifying the router's configuration and files (OpenWrt). It's deliberate. This 'auto recovery feature' Microsoft added would constantly cause my ssh connection to the router to drop in the middle of this.

    Don't really understand Microsoft's logic with this one. If a network gateway is down then how is disconnecting and reconnecting to the same WIFI network supposed to be a solution.
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    22H2 64 Bit Pro

    A shot in the dark.

    Disable Network Location Awareness Service then reboot and test.
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    Windows 10 Professional x64

    Fr3nZy said:
    NovHak Thanks for the fix
    Glad to help ! I'm not 100% sure it will work however, so don't hesitate to come back and confirm.

    Callender said:
    Disable Network Location Awareness Service then reboot and test.
    That's possibly a good idea indeed, this had come through my mind at some point.

    However, it's always the same problem, even in the case it indeed prevents the auto-recovery, some other features will be lost in the process. Can't there be an option to simply disable auto-recovery ?

    I installed Linux on my laptop yesterday, and I have to say that since then it behaved perfectly, as far as wireless connectivity is concerned (i.e. one association per day). Same hardware, same AP, only different OS...
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    22H2 64 Bit Pro

    I'm not expert on this, just guessing. So I don't know. I do know that for me sometimes the connection resets if I use the default DNS Server (ISP provided) and in addition I get assigned a new ip address when this happens. It can happen when browsing.

    So typically I use a few other options for DNS Server depending upon what I'm doing.
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