I have a synology NAS and it works fine. I was doing work in my home office to take the desktop out and give it a much needed makeover. While I was taking the NAS off line, it needed a OS patch and when that was done it wanted me to disable the default admin account because it is a security risk. Fine. Did it and went on about my business.

My Win10pro laptop cannot access the NAS now because when I set it up a couple of months ago, I just used that default account to allow me to map a few drives so I can stream music and vids in the evening. It sees the disabled account and won't let me put in the new account info so the two can work and play together nicely as they did before.

How do I make my laptop reauthorize the NAS with different account info?

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I found the solution to the problem. If I knew how to delete the first post, I would have just removed it.