I'm running Windows 10 20H2 on a couple of refurbished computers, a Dell laptop and a Lenovo PC, connected together on a cabled network. I use Windows Remote Desktop to access the laptop from my PC.

I store my music files on the laptop. I have a stereo connector cable running from the headphone jack on the laptop to the input jacks on a stereo receiver with two medium sized speakers. This set-up works fine for playing music as long as I'm working from my laptop.

When I'm working at my PC, I'd like to be able to access the laptop via Windows Remote Desktop and be able to play MP3 files stored on the laptop through the speakers that are connected to the laptop. But when I try this, the music comes out of the tiny (dare I say "tinny"?) internal speaker in the PC under my desk.

I looked in Windows' settings, and found that when I'm accessing the laptop from the PC, the "Output" setting has been peremptorily changed from "Speakers" to "Remote Audio." And the down-arrow in that field is unresponsive, so I'm unable to change the output.
Play music on laptop speakers via Windows Remote Desktop from PC-choose-your-output-device-remote-audio-only-choice-lenny.jpg

Is there a way I can add a second choice under that down arrow so that I can choose to send the sound to the speakers connected to the laptop, like this:
Play music on laptop speakers via Windows Remote Desktop from PC-choose-your-output-device-speakers-only-choice-delbert.jpg

Will in Seattle
a.k.a. "Clueless"

P.S. I'm confused about the terminology for the laptop and PC when connected via Windows Remote Desktop. Would it be correct to refer to the PC I'm working from as the "remote" PC, and the laptop I'm accessing as the "host" laptop?