Hello forum,

I'm new here and currently having a problem with my Windows 10 LTSC 2019 / 1809 Tablet PC.
The point is to provide a HotSpot on the device, with the Internet connection running via the internal LTE / SIM card.
The Internet connection via the LTE / SIM card works without problems, i.e. surfing is possible as normal.

But if I want to activate the mobile HotSpot it doesn't work with the message "To share your connection, you need to add this feature to your cellular data plan first". I have already spoken to my provider and checked the APN data, which are entered correctly so far.
When I switch the Internet connection from LTE to WIFI, the HotSpot can be activated and used again.

Does anyone have any idea whether there are even deeper Windows settings that you have to activate first in order to make a HotSpot usable via LTE?

Regards Vuri