I have a Lenovo N22 laptop running a fully updated Windows 10 Pro (20H2). A week ago I had a Netgear router running with a private class C LAN IP address range. The router was at address Everything on my network worked fine, including the Lenovo.

The Netgear router turned out to be a bottleneck, so I recently removed it and started using WiFi router built into Xfinity cable modem/router. Due to range restrictions in the modem, the LAN IP address block had to be changed to 10.10.10. and the router is now I have updated all devices, including an Amped access point, used to provide access in a distant location, that is hardwired to the cable modem/router and assigned The access point, three hardwired Windows 10 computers, a hardwired Linux computer (all with static IP addresses), and two Android WiFi phones (DHCP assignment) all connect to the LAN without problems, both directly at the router or through the access point.

However, the Lenovo, which doesn't have an Ethernet port and can only connect through WiFi, refuses to even see the modem/router's broadcast SSID and while it can apparently "see" the 2.4 and 5.0GHz SSIDs from the access point, it cannot connect to either.

I have read over 50 articles regarding this type of problem and performed every test and reset I know of without any improvement.

I ran the network troubleshooter and it cannot fix the problem. The detailed report says zero visible access points, even though it lists the two bands from the access point and the single SSID from the modem/router (which is a shared name for 2.4 and 5.0).

I've run netsh int ip reset and netsh int ipv4 reset without luck.

I turned off all firewalls without success.

I tried ipconfig /release (and other options) but it reports: No operations can be performed on [lan/bluetooth/wifi] connection while it has its media disconnected.

I've power-cycled and rebooted everything.

I tried setting a static ipv4 address on the Lenovo rather than DHCP.

I updated the host file for both DHCP and/or static ip.

I told it to forget the modem/router SSID and ran netsh wlan delete profile="name"

I ran netsh wlan show networks and it reports the two access point SSIDs as expected, but still cannot connect to them.

So I'm coming here to see if anyone has some insight as to what might be going on, or some deeper knowledge of what to at this point. Thanks for any insights you can offer.