Denis - Have to thank you for sticking with it and getting your post through my thick head. If you hadn't been so persistent I would have completely missed it.

- - - Updated - - -

So I seem to just be going around in circles here.

Mapping the drive with admin helped to some degree as I can now copy from the mapped drive to the system disk, but just realize it's only working in one direction, when trying to copy a file onto the mapped drive I get Access Denied.

I was able to get programs to recognize the mapped drive 'G:' by disabling UAC but that didn't help when it comes to saving files as I get the error Access Denied.

I've made sure that all files and folders have the proper permissions, my user & admin have full access, all boxes are checked. However the root mapping of drive 'G:' doesn't appear to have the correct permissions but I'm not completely sure. When it shows that 'Everyone' has full access, is that referring to Everyone on the XP box, or Everyone on Window's 10, or does it mean Everyone on both XP & 10?