i have 4 security cams i stream (192.xxx.xxx.xx/steam.jpg).. live jpgs.. up until ff 85 i used a speed dial, and had each cameras stream as the thumbnail... after undated to firefox 85.. that broke.. (used inspection tool, said 401 error (unauthorized).. i would log into each ip camera once per session, authenticate, and then go back to the speed dial, and you could see all cams that you had authenticated.. (i would go to all 4, and leave FF open for weeks at a time).. this all ended after ff85. speed dials failed on all 7 of my PCs... windows 7, to win 10.. didn't matter..
i thought screw it, i will make an iframes, or div page and make one page that views all 4 ip cams...
strange thing is, same thing is happening on HALF of my pcs...
i have a simple page call all 4 cams.. out of my 4 main personal pcs.. it works on 2, fails on 2.. no rhyme or reason, same network, different network, vpn, win7 or 10... i cannot figure out what is causing this hiccup.. all ff are 64 bit, latest version (86)....
i can stream all 4 easily on chrome, or IE..
i have tried streaming ON FF with all extensions disabled, no go, firewall off, no go..
what is different?
and also, what happened in FF85 update? something with streaming local http to iframes or divs
thanks, sorry for the ramble..