I am trying to access drives (D:\, E:\ etc) on my Win10 Pro (home use) PC from a PC running Win7.

Oddly (seems to me anyway) if I select the Win10 desktop from the Win7 PC network page, I can open it and access/copy/edit/save files. Same with one or two other paths, such as 'Users' and 'My Documents'. But if I try to access any of the Win10 drives, I get a notice saying something like 'Windows cannot access \\MS-PC10\d" and says I do not have permission, which I need to obtain from my Network Administrator (whoever that might be!).

The only difference I see is that when I open the Properties windows for the XP10 Desktop and D drive is that the latter, under the sharing tab, has the 'Share' button greyed out. The same properties/sharing tab for 'Desktop' has an accessible 'Share' button (which takes me to the Network Access 'Choose People to Share With'; window). The Advanced Sharing options in the two Properties windows look exactly the same (with 'Everyone' in the box) - and so are the permissions, all checked to allow.

I hope that I have explained clearly enough. Anyone know how to fix this, so that I can access all locations on the Win10 PC, not just some? (I don't have any issues accessing any part of the Win7 PC from the Win10 one BTW).

Thank you.