OS: windows 10 pro winver 1809
My streamer (dune hd base 3d) is connected with ethernet cable to my router. It has IP address, MAC, the smartphone applications works (it needs the streamer to have wi-fi and be on the same home network), but I can't see it on network. So I can't access it from my pc.
Other devices like TV sets, receiver and of course my pc and router are seen on network.
What should I do to see the streamer on network?
and one more question: I replaced my old on-board intel network card of 10/100 with a newer 10/100/1000 card but I still see 100 Mbps in ethernet --> properties --> status
can anything be done to improve it and see 1000 instead of 100?
Is it in my hands or depends on my ISP or infrastructure provider (cable company)
I have bandwidth of 100MB
thank you