I will say this for Windows networking. It is terrible!

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    I will say this for Windows networking. It is terrible!

    I can't figure this stuff out. I have 3 home windows 10 computers, all of which have solid internet connections, all of which are in the same workgroup. What kills me is how intermittent my ability to connect to other machines on my network can be. One minute I can, 1 minute I can't. I enabled NetBIOS, no joy. I ensured that all folders are shared with user everyone having full permission. 1 minute I can access the machine, the next I can't. I went out and bought an updated wireless router, but my problem got worse. Only one of these machines is wireless in any case and I can reproduce from all. What is going on I'm Windows networking? How does the avg user possibly make ends meet when an IT professional such as myself can't seem to accomplish the basics?
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    There are issues with 10, that are causing various problems. This is one of them. All you can do is to check for updated drivers for the chipset for your network device and hope that one has been rolled out to fix any issues. Otherwise you may be waiting a while for a fix to come out.

    As for making ends meet in the IT field. You do not move people over to a new OS with known issues when it comes out of the gate. That is why those of us that are IT people, keep a box for software testing, or have a small network Lab set up to test for problems with Domains.

    Companies are just now rolling out Windows 7. 8 & 10 are not even on the horizon for them at this point.
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    This is my home network. Clearly I would not take a step like this where I work. But still, this kind of problem is reproduce able on all 3 of my machines, which run on very different hardware. I suppose it can be driver related. The one where it is the worst has a brand new PCI wireless card. I will do some checking around for driver updates.
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    Are you running upgraded installs of Windows 10, or did you do fresh reinstalls afterwards? How exactly are you connecting from one computer to another? Are you running any 3rd party firewalls or antivirus?
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    I've been working on a similar issue on my home network and I might have finally solved it. Here is what I did.

    • Updated my Ethernet card drivers
    • Made sure the power management for my Ethernet was disabled as far as turning it off to save power
    • Enabled NetBIOS over TCP/IP under the IPv4 settings
    • Made sure the following Services were running. (A few of mine were not so I started them and set them to Auto start)
    • DHCP Client
    • HomeGroup Listener
    • HomeGroup Provider
    • Link-layer Topology Discovery Mapper
    • Network Connections
    • Network List Service
    • Network Location Awareness
    • TCP/IP NetBIOS Helper
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    I re-installed all of my computers and am unhappy to report that I am still in the same situation. Maybe even a worse situation. I have never seen this kind of crap. I run hackintosh computers with beyond generic drivers and never have never experienced problems like this before. I have 2 machines in the same exact workgroup. I have folders shared with user everyone, owned by system, NetBIOS enabled, and I can't see one computer from another on the network. When I access the other machine via \\ip_address\H$ to get to share drive, I get prompted for password and when I punch it in I get access denied. This is killing me. How can they frack this up so much? How is the avg user supposed to figure this out? Windows Networking has gone to crap, and I cannot believe they released this stuff on the general public.
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    I see that you've been a member on this forum since Nov. Are you part of the insider program? What were you using before 10 that worked? Did you upgrade all your machines at once? If only 1, did it work with your old setup? Win 10 networks just fine, some 3rd party drivers, not so much.
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    Mine works flawlessly too wirelessly, WiFi 2.4 GHz, WiFi 5 GHz and Ethernet. No drops whatsoever, no lags and always gives me my 300 Mbps internet.

    I will say this for Windows networking.  It is terrible!-untitled.jpg
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    I can go on the internet just fine, however, I noticed this morning that I was unable to set a static IP on my downstairs machine. When I set it, I could no longer connect to the internet. Set to auto it works fine. I had these machines working semi OK both on windows 10 not too long ago. After reinstall and update, on both machines I am having problems. I also upgraded upstairs machine with brand new motherboard, CPU, ram etc. So it is not exactly the same machine any more. Still it is more modern, so it stands to reason that it should have more current drivers.
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    Windows 10 Pro 1709 x64

    I set my static IP on the DHCP router rather than manually configuring it on Windows 10. I don't have experience in running a network by assigning static IPs outside of DHCP range manually. Maybe there's a bug in 10 that it needs to get a new DHCP lease, but then again I'm just speculating.

    Another is making sure that your network is private, and that your firewall and secpol is not blocking the SMB ports/transmissions.
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