Trying to access HDD from a NAS locally

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    Trying to access HDD from a NAS locally

    my brother has a NAS and has forgotten the login details (duh)
    cant reset the device as he will lose his data

    therefore I have taken the HDD out and put it into a HDD caddy to connect locally to my laptop

    however as it was a NAS the disk is formatted in a certain format and has no drive letter assigned.

    see picture attached

    Im not sure what I should do here.

    Do i need to try and convert the data partition to NTFS or FAT32 using MIniTool?

    Ultimately what id like to do is get the data transferred off the drive , then format it and set the NAS up again for him


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    Since the file system is showing up as "other" I would proceed carefully.

    The first thing that I would be inclined to do is seek the advice of the NAS manufacturer to see what they say about the matter. If the password is intended only as protection for access of the drive over the network you stand a good chance of recovery. However, if the password is also used to encrypt the data the news is not likely to be very good.

    If you do go the route of trying to make any changes while the drive is connected to your PC, I would strongly suggest first creating a complete image backup of the drive. Since the file system is not recognized you need to perform a "forensic" or complete sector by sector backup using a utility such as Macrium Reflect. If you really foul things up you can then always restore from backup and try again.

    Good luck!
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    Hi there


    Chances are that the NAS file system is a Linux type one -- probably one of these == ext3/ext4/xfs (there are other file systems but these 3 are the most common these days).

    What you CAN do is boot a Linux Live distro on your laptop from a USB and use its file manager to see if it can read the files on the NAS drive --- DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES FORMAT THE HDD ON WINDOWS YET (Caps intended).

    If the Linux file manager can read the HDD simply use its file manager e.g Dolphin or whatever --they all work pretty much like File explorer - to copy files to target drive or whatever.

    If you really don't want to try the Linux live distro method then re-assemble the HDD on the NAS - ensure openssh is installed on it and start the SSH service. Then on the windows machine install FILEZILLA and access the NAS by starting filezilla and entering sftp://ipaddress of the server You should then be able to see the files and upload to relevant destination.

    If normally you can see the files on Windows and now you cant its probably because you need to enable SMB1 on Windows and ensure SAMBA is working on the NAS.

    Another way might be FROM WINDOWS is to get into the command line and type ssh [email protected] (Windows has OPENSSH Client already installed by default).

    once you've done that you should be able to re-set the password or even add a new user.

    BTW to backup the Linux drive once you are on the Live distro -- any are good e.g Mint/UBUNTU or whatever simply type in the following command dd if=</dev/linux HDD> of=</dev/target HDD> bs=64M status=progress.

    No formatting of backup device is required,

    to see the device id's (/dev/sdx ) just type lsblk from the terminal (console) -- application might be called konsole or xterm depending on the live distro you use.

    BTW to boot from any Live linux distro -- simply download its iso from the appropriate website and use RUFUS to create bootable USB drive from the iso image -- don't worry about UEFI / MBR - these live distros are usually all "Hybrid" boot - they will work on both older BIOS machines and newer EFI ones. Disable secure boot though.

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    Also, was this a single drive NAS or is the HDD part of a pair or 3 or 4 hard drives in the NAS? But, as @jimbo45 stated, Linux is the way to go, as that is most likely the file system type used by the NAS.
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    Just a note, my 2 NAS 2TB drives have been working good for awhile now but did have 1 fail a few years ago, took it out of the case and the drive itself was still good. I feel some of the problems with NAS drives is more with the 'translation' in the interface as they can be read by Linux, Windows and Mac OS without doing more than Mapping them. Mac can sometimes read NTFS drives but not write to them without additional software. The translation comes in when determining what is needed. I have 2 x 4TB USB drives that the packaging showed useful for PC and Mac, came formatted as exFAT because of that capability.
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    Hi folks

    If you do go down the Linux route -- typical file managers are very much like Windows ones - e.g File explorer

    For example here's Dolphin (but there are zillions of other similar ones)

    Trying to access HDD from a NAS locally-screenshot_20201218_143926.png

    To copy say a folder (or a group of folders ) do it exactly as you would in File explorer -- just edit copy paste ==Linux systems also can read / write to NTFS and FAT32 formatted drives as well --in the rare case they can't simply install package ntfs-3g - I can't think of any Live distro that hasn't got that installed anyway by default - some servers might not though. !!

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