When I connect on RDC, it goes through a Windows logon procedure and desktop resolution is somehow changed from 2560x1440 (my native resolutions on both computers) to 2133x1160 (apparently), just to immediately chang back to the full resolution. This results in windows being thrown to awful places. Since the active resolution is unchanged, it makes no sense. Only my windows positions are lost. Why does it do this unnecessary resolution change and how to prevent that? (RDC / tab Display is already at Full Screen or 2560x1440, no difference.)
Is there a way to prevent the Windows login thing altogether? I wish to simply connect to desktop as is, not through/behind login screen, like AnyDesk/TeamViewer?
How safe from hackers is RDC generally? I noticed that only if I forward my customized port in my router and open the port in Bitdefender, only then I was able to connect from WAN on my tests. If router doesn't forward the port, am I completely safe? And if I do forward it, and let's say I have a short password, how susceptible am I to hacking?