On (LT1) "My PC"/Network I see 2 computers. The one I'm working on (LT1) and my other laptop (LT2). Under (LT1) & (LT2), there should be a "Users" folder (after proper login to (LT2) on both machines. On (LT1), no "Users" folder is seen. If I go to the second laptop and do the same thing, I can see the "Users" folder for (LT2), but not for (LT1). Looking at "My PC"/C: Drive on both machines, the "Users" folder exists.

For some reason, the "Users" folder is not showing up under "My PC"/Network/LT1 and because of this, I can't get into LT1 from LT2. I can get into LT2 from LT1, but not the other way around.

I should see "My PC"/Network/LT1/Users on first machine and "My PC"/Network/LT2/Users on second machine. OK on LT2, missing on LT1. Seems like some kind of path pointer under Network on LT1 is missing but OK on LT2.

Is there a way to fix this missing folder under Network/LT1