Hi there

I'm beginning to REALLY HATE Windows networking.

I have MEZZMO and another Audio server (Logitech media server) running on a computer -- When I boot the computer the remote DNLA devices (TV's etc) recognize both the servers and connect.

If I switch the remote TV to normal channels (e.g BBC 1) channels and don't go back to "Apps-->DNLA servers" on the TV for about 30 mins I get message DNLA server can't be found next time I want to watch a movie from the server even though the server is still active on the computer. I need to go up into my LOFT to access the windows machine physically and get into Windows file explorer-->Network and then hit refresh --then the DNLA servers appear again on the remote TV.

Now if I have a SECOND computer running - the networks / DNLA stuff stays active evn if there aren't any servers on the second computer. Seems if there's only ONE computer on a Network and the remote connection isn't active for a while the network disconnects or goes to sleep. How do I avoid this.

What's up here --I shouldn't have to have TWO computers working just to keep DNLA servers alive.