I got w 10 about a week go, and got some nice pictures on my cell phone tried to put them in my laptop thru cable from phone to laptop,, like I have done for years,,,,,,

,,phone beeps trust computer.... comes on screen for a couple seconds hen goes away.

......Lenovo photomaster, and 2 other picture apps say no photos, sends trust this computer messge that does no good to tap.......so far cannot get past Cell phone ios 7 to download pictures and videos to my laptop that I just put w 10
I already lost a good video or two from my vacation, I may never be able to duplicate..

I saw on another forum all kinds of remedies, but just wand w 10 to let me and the others out there know the easiest and most simple fix I already wasted a couple hours and those 2 -- 30 second videos.

I phone picture transfer to lap top Please !!