I recently experienced some internet / network instability issues with our old sky 102 router, so called Sky and they offered to send me a Sky Q Hub router. I also have Devolo 200 wifi starter kit, which has worked more or less flawlessly for 10 years (200 wifi unit & mini unit for connecting to router).

After switching router, wifi is better but the 200s just stopped working - no matter what combination of resetting etc. I tried, the dLAN light refused to light up.casue

As they were old anyway, I decided to upgrade to Devolo 550 set (ethernet only) - I have never used the wifi on 200 (caused issues) so just used them to extend wired internet connection to TV and other devices.

I have got the 550s working but now have 2 issues.

1. They are not visible in Devolo Cockpit - this just says "No local PLC device".

2. Occasional disconnects - the unit near the router flashes red & the unit behind the TV is off (no light at all). If I turn the mains supply to the TV unit off & on again, they reconnect.

The disconnect appears to happen when the system is idle e.g TV off.

Can anyone advise ?