Is It Possible To Attach CAT5E RJ45 Connectors to Flat CAT7 Cable?

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    Is It Possible To Attach CAT5E RJ45 Connectors to Flat CAT7 Cable?

    Hi - I am trying to sort out my son's network cabling in a new extension to his property. He bought a 50mtr roll of Flat CAT7 cable which had what looked like gold-plated RJ45 connectors on each end. During the laying of the cable, from his router in another room, he cut them off and has asked me to see what I can do now that the cable has been laid to attach new connectors. From an old project at my property I have a Philex 76601HS Crimping tool and a box of 76110HS RJ45 Connectors and Boots. I looked last night and it seems the boots and connectors fit the flat cable but the Crimping tool and connectors are designed to be used with CAT5E cable.

    My question is, if I use the connectors and boots and attach them to the CAT7 cable, will they work?

    I appreciate that I'll probably only get CAT5E bandwidth throughput but if this is the case, then I know that will be more than adequate as the cable was bought for future-proofing given its non accessability now that it's been laid. And he's only going to use the network in his extension for Sky Q and his old PC which he uses for browsing alone. The extensive CAT5E cables in my property work very well indeed and I do a lot of heavy network video playback which is faultless.

    So if I strip the outer sheaf off carefully, followed by careful removal of the outer shielding from the four pairs, to get the 8 wires into the connector (in the right order ) will I be good to go?

    I hope some knowledgable person can answer please

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    Not an expert, just made a lot of cables.

    Think the thing to watch is the actual wire gauge of individual wires.

    I looked quickly and it appeared the CAT7 has a smaller physical wire. As you slide individual wires into connector, where the pins are crimped down into them, will it be centered sufficiently that the pins are making good electrical contact when you crimp.

    Not having the the stress connector in contact with cable will likely mean being more gentle with cable ends and only pulling on plastic connector and not wire.

    You would have to check your wire gauges.

    Your RJ45 connectors might state what wire gauges they are meant to be used for. Might be a simple as getting new connectors to handle smaller gauge although the cables may still need to be handled gentle.

    Lets see what expert has to say.

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    Thank you for taking an interest - no the RJ45 connectors don't state what guages they'll handle - they were bought from B&Q years ago with the Crimper a really good looking and quality tool but they are both designed for CAT5E cabling.

    I have tried to strip the black outer coating off the cable but haven't been successful without nicking a wire or two as yet. The individual wires are shielded with metal foil and having looked again at the individual wires, they have several very fine copper wires in them with a polythene or fibre strand too. It is difficult to say if they would be centered sufficiently to make good contacts in the RJ45 plug - my initial thought would be to strip them down double the ends down and then isert/crimp.

    If not what end-plugs do I need? And would my CAT5E Crimper work or would that need replacing too? I'm guessing total cost for proper CAT7 tooling/connectors could easily top 50, which is a non-starter.
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    Not sure exactly.

    I briefly googled Cat7 Flat connector cable ends.

    The connector looks the same, looks can be deceiving, might be worth buying a few and trying.

    Not sure what son was thinking when buying cable that you don't have tools for. I can't imagine a single home application except maybe backups that could use max speed, even then the router and NAS would need appropriate ports. I guess future proofing.
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    Thanks - I've got a feeling, cos I've forgot, that I don't strip anything other than the outer black sheath and then take away the metal foil. Then I push the wires in the correct order into the connector and the crimping makes the connections to the contacts - is that correct?
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    Once wires are in individual wire sockets within connector the tool drives the gold contacts down. They are pointed and cut through coloured jacket and a lodged in copper.
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