Since I upgraded one of my PCs to version 2004, I can't neither remote connect to another PC (running Windows 10 Pro) nor browse into it via Explorer when I use the PC host name in the credentials. The host machine is visible in Explorer Network folder, and I can only connect to it by entering \\<guest local IP> in address bar. I can also type the host name to remote connect on RD Client app for Android.

So, in short, the guest PC cannot find the host by its host name any longer, only by its local IP. The guest machine can ping the host by its PC name (local IP shows besides host name), with no packet loss, so it can see the guest, but I still don't know why it doesn't accept the host name in the credentials. Unlike Windows Explorer, Remote Desktop Connection can't connect with local IP.

edit: both machines have DHCP on

- - - Updated - - -

Nevermind, the issue has been fixed after installing the latest update.