I've just clean installed the first computer on our little office network to Windows 10 and I'm seeing some strange and unreliable behaviour for connecting to workgroup shares. We are not using domains or Microsoft accounts. The Windows 10 computer is just using a local account. I have given it the same username and password as it had before and it is part of the same workgroup.

Here's where it gets buggy and unreliable. When I go to the Network I can see the other Win7 computers that have files and folders shared. When I double-click on the computer it hangs and then reports that it could not connect and offers to Diagnose the problem. If I cancel Diagnose and try again it might, or might not, fail. However, after the 2nd or 3rd attempt, it comes up and I can see all the correct shared folders. It never asks for credentials as it seems to be pulling the local account details like it did before in Win7. When I try to connect to a shared folder it sometimes fails as well, but after repeating the attempt it then succeeds and everything is fine.

So the issue can be resolved by making repeated connection attempts to workgroup computers, but it often fails before resolving itself? It is slow and frustrating though.

Anyone else experiencing this? Any suggestions on how to improve the reliability and performance of Win10 connecting to Win7 workgroup shares?

I wonder if this has something to do with the changes they made to SMB in Win10?