Computers connect on home network only sporadically

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    Computers connect on home network only sporadically

    have struggled for a couple of months to set up an ethernet-based home network involving just two computers: a desktop (DT) and a laptop (LT). After receiving several suggestions and making various changes, the best I can say is it works sometimes.

    Sometimes the desktop will find the laptop on the network, but the laptop won't find the desktop.

    Other times the laptop will find the desktop on the network, but the desktop won't find the laptop.

    Other times neither computer will find the other.

    Very infrequently both computers will find each other.

    I can wait hours and the situation won't improve. I make no changes in the setup in between. On subsequent days, after rebooting, things may (or may not) change.

    Why is this happening?
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    It was designed for a network were pcs are always on. how are you connecting to the other pc its netbios that resolves it by name and its slow to find the other pc but you should be able to connect via ip straight away best bet is to map a drive via a cmd line and then save it as a cmd file so you just click on it to connect in future
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    I have a similar problem. When I connect a laptop, it always appears in the network. But this desktop, which is always connected via Ethernet, sometimes appears and sometimes it doesn´t.

    But not a great deal in my case. I use the network the synchronize some folders, and I can do it from any computer, even if the desktop does not appear. Sometimes I reset the network, this solves the problem temporarily.
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    I have that same problem too. Sometimes if I reboot each computer a couple times that helps.

    I usually let my computers go to sleep. When I want them to stay awake all day I use a program that prevents sleep. The one I use is called Insomnia.

    This morning my two desktops and laptop are all seeing each other. Later on today I will have to see.
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    "you should be able to connect via ip straight away" How do I do this?

    "best bet is to map a drive via a cmd line and then save it as a cmd file" How do I do this?

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    Net use s: \\\sharename
    Change s to the drive letter you want it to be
    Enter correct IP an share name

    When it works save the txt as map.cmd double click it to map next time
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    Windows 10 Pro 64-bit v20H2

    If you don't know the IP address of the other computer you can use your browser to log onto the router. You should be able to see a list of the computers connected to it.

    I found the follwing computers on my network:

    You can also map network drives by:
    Click on This PC
    Select the Computer tab
    Select Map network drive
    You can associate a drive letter with a shared drive or folder

    If you see the computer on the network you can use its network name otherwise you can use its IP address.

    After you assign a drive letter when you open This PC you will see the drive there

    For example on my computer \\Eventhorizon
    K:\ maps to the shared Archive folder on the computer \\Darkmatter
    L:\ maps to the shaded archive folder on the computer \\Lightning
    M:\ maps to the shared Documents folder on the computer \\

    I always show the Network icon on my desktop. I can then directly browse the shared folders as long as my computer sees them.
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    I know this sounds counterproductive but, the most problematic Windows network consists of only two computers.

    The ability to browse (discover other machines) on a Windows network relies on one of he computers serving as "Master Browser." As Samuria pointed out, Windows networking is rooted in having at least one machine on all the time. The other computers go though an election process to determine which will serve as master Browser and the one that on all the time always wins that election.

    Further, if the network has a number of machines, one of the machines will be chosen to serve as Backup Master Browser. In the event that the machine serving as Master browser is turned off, the Backup Master Browser steps right in and takes over.

    In a two computer network, especially where both machines can go to sleep, it is difficult for the two machines to elect a master browser and, with only two machines, neither will be designated as Backup.

    So, discovery can be an iffy thing.

    You can avoid the Browsing function altogether if you know the IP address of each machine as Samuria pointed out.

    On each machine, open a command prompt and type ipconfig /all. Look for the IPv4 address. It should look something like this:

    Lets say that machine A's IP address is and machines B's IP address is

    Go to machine A, open File Explorer and type \\ You should see all the shares on machine B.

    Go to machine B, open file Explorer and type in \\ You should see all the shares on machine A.

    Note: The above addresses are examples. Use the actual IP addresses for your machines

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    That all sounds nice but I don't keep all my computers on all the time. My computers are either off or asleep most of to time. I turn them on or wake them as needed. I am sure I am not the only one that does this.

    It would be nice if there was a program we could run that could hasten the process and get all the computers on the network in sync. Having to wait for this to happen on its own is annoying.

    You have to understand these are home computers. People with home computers expect everything to just work. They should not have to conform to a standard that wasn't meant for how they use them.
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    I have found that when a client on my network dose not show up, what i have to do is restart these services in services.msc
    Function Discovery Provider Host
    Function Discovery Resource Publication
    Not really sure which is the one that works but it only takes a second or so to restart them both.
    I do keep 2 desktop on 24-7 still my office computer some times has this issue, servies.msc run as admin some times I'll find them turned off sometimes there still running then I just restart and the computer becomes visible again.
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