I have 2 Windows 10 Pro v. 1909 PC's and a NAS drive on my network. I have each computers' My Documents folders relocated to the NAS drive. When I open, modify and save a Word file from Computer A to My Documents on the NAS drive, when Computer B tries to read it from the NAS drive, it only sees the previous version of the file. I can have both computers looking at the same NAS drive folder at the same time, Computer A sees the latest version of the file, Computer B sees the previous version. While troubleshooting, I accessed the NAS drive via a web browser and the previous version is the one it sees as well. When I access the NAS drive with my tablet, it too only sees the previous version. Computer A somehow is not saving the file to the NAS drive even though it thinks it is and can see it's own revision. I have Offline Files disabled on both PC's.

And to put icing on the cake, it only does this sometimes and not always. If I create a new file and save it, all devices read the same file. If I open, modify and resave the file on Computer A then it is the only one that sees the latest version. All other devices only see the previous version. This is one of the strangest Windows phenomenon I've ever encountered. It may be just an Office problem because so far only Word files are doing this. Anyone ever see this?