Yea, its your favorite "noob" again.

i'm trying to figure out this whole dynamic dns thing for the first time. First caveat seems to be the fact I use the default ISP provided gateway which leaves me with many constraints and even less information available on the web.

Still, im all but certain it can be worked around.

I have 0 experience with access from outside the home, and the gateway has ditched upnp completely so I need to do something with the ports i gather.

Preliminarily without knowing exactly what im looking for, it sounds like the options in the router to directly configure the domain name-WAN link are non existent on the router itself. Apparently applications exist that you can run on your pc that will update the link between ddns and your IP when it changes, however ATT's allegedly changes so infrequently, id just assume log into the website and update it when the need arises. (unless it becomes problematic)

I have gotten so far as setting up 2 domains on 2 separate ddns providers pointing to my WAN IPV4 address.

and then a wall was hit.

No idea what I need to do next on my side. Some kind of forwarding on the gateway. Arris BG210-700 if thats helpful.