I recently started a transition from WiFi 5 to WiFi 6. Part of that transition included replacing my Linksys router with an ASUS RT-AX92U WiFi6 router. Ever since that change I have noticed that my desktop computer (connected via Ethernet) cannot be awoken with Wake On LAN packets from my phone or laptop (both connected via WiFi). However, the ASUS has a built-in utility to perform a Wake On LAN and that does work.

I suspect that the WOL is not being transmitted by the router from the WiFi side to the Ethernet side. I'll have to take a packet trace to confirm that, but that's the only explanation I can think of and it would match the behavior I saw years ago with another router.

Note that the WiFi clients and Ethernet are all on the same segment, so in theory a broadcast on the WiFi side should be transmitted to the Ethernet clients since they are all in the same broadcast domain.

Anyone have experience with this and know if there is some setting I should be looking for on the router to remedy this?

I've not opened a support case with ASUS as yet, thought that I would try here first.