Teacher with No/Intermittent Internet Access

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    Windows 10 Pro x64 Version 2004

    Fingers crossed.

    Did you see my edit on V1909, when did you start using it.
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    Rebooted and service connection has not improved. Still intermittent with frequent drops.

    - - - Updated - - -

    I did not see your edit. V1909 is a Windows 10 update? How do I know when I started using it?

    - - - Updated - - -

    I did not see your edit. V1909 is a Windows 10 update? How do I know when I started using it?
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    Windows 10 Pro x64 Version 2004

    Look in your Windows Update history.

    Start > Settings > Update and Security > view update history.

    While you are looking at this history go to bottom of page and see what drivers were installed recently, please

    All those drivers in Device manager that start with WAN could you uninstall device, not software and when you have them all removed reboot. They will come back

    I have to go to dinner, will check back in later.

    It is interesting that when you use one antenna to phone it is solid but when you use MIMO (Many in, many out) to router it dies.

    I wonder if you could go into advance settings for wireless card, through device manager, properties, and restrict the the bands to just N class connections.
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    Version 1909 Successfully installed on ‎3/‎14/‎2020
    No Driver updates since October last year. (Last one "HP HIDClass")
    I uninstalled all of the WAN drivers from Device Manager
    Checked for driver updates for AC 7260, says the best driver is installed.
    Not sure about how to restrict bands in the wireless card, but this is what I see under "advanced" in card properties. Should I possibly install an older driver for the card?
    Also it is possible the problems are connected to updating to V1909. Was updated a week ago but I wasn't using this laptop much until last couple of days.
    Teacher with No/Intermittent Internet Access-annotation-2020-03-22-183249.jpg
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    If there were any problems with device drivers and/or OS updates, wouldn't this also manifest itself whether the connection is modem wifi or hotspot wifi ?

    Having said that, I'm starting to favour the installing/uninstalling VPN - somewhere in that program, could it differentiate between the 2 wifi systems, and make some particular setting(s) as to what was connected when it was installed/uninstalled ?

    Have you tried my suggestion on page 1 - booting to Linux USB and testing the modem wifi connection. I'm beginning to think that will be fine, because the problem the "left over" damage from installing/uninstalling VPN (it could have made a setting when installed, and not removed that setting when uninstalled, or removed a setting/function it shouldn't have when uninstalled).

    I like spending people's time and money .... you could consider downloading Win 10 (still free) and getting a new drive, swapping out the existing drive (thus keeping it intact and it could immediately be replaced back if needed at any stage) and do a clean install of Win 10 (unfortunately also all other programs as well, which sometimes unfortunately makes this idea immediately impractical). But just with Win 10 installed on a new drive, it would test whether the problem lies in the current OS .... but the Linux option would also reveal this).
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    My suggestions:

    Hard reset router (reset button may be hiiden inside a pinhole)

    Change DNS:

    Change IPv4 and IPv6 DNS Server Address in Windows

    Use one from the list "Item 7. To Use Custom or Third-party DNS Server Address"

    Run WifiInfoView and change router channel if nearby routers are detected on nearby channels.

    Teacher with No/Intermittent Internet Access-wifiinfoview-full-details-mode.jpg

    Log into router and change channel if needed:

    Teacher with No/Intermittent Internet Access-router.jpg

    Run Wireless Wizard and update network profiles then "Test & Fix"

    Teacher with No/Intermittent Internet Access-wireless-wizard-6.6.jpg



    Download Wireless Wizard 7.0
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  7. Caledon Ken's Avatar
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    Windows 10 Pro x64 Version 2004

    My two cents - as I said I could not get my AC7260 card to work in 1909, new or old driver. I played with for a day.

    In that screen shot with "dual band" under advance tab is there anything single band. Something with n and g

    a and ac are 5.0 Ghz, the dual band.

    You will also notice the option preferred band, I would set that to 2.4.

    I wish Intel would document all those options so we could make intelligent decisions.

    I have no guarantee of success but I think given what I went through I would fall back to 1903. My AC7260 with older driver worked up until then. You have another day to decide, 10 days from installation so I would start before 24th.

    If you decide to fall back you should Image device first as a safety net and or ensure you have another device to teach from.

    Your screen shot showed it connected at 300 Mbps just no internet and the strength showed all bars. You said you were in same room. I don't think this is typical of interference, especially being so close to router. No other devices are showing connection issues.

    What I don't understand is why this developed yesterday and not say on the 15th

    As a long term fix I would get a USB wireless dongle. You could also use your pixel (phone) as a stop gap while you wait on delivery. With my dongle I haven't looked back.
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    Dual Boot: Windows 10 20H2 & Ubuntu 20.04.1

    Did think of one more thing

    Your laptop is a high end one that's probably more sensitive than most phones or tablets

    Perhaps your WiFi router is on the same channel as a neighbors and your laptop, being more sensitive, is seeing the other router and getting interfered with and loosing connection

    There are several Android apps you can install from the Play Store like a wifi analyzer. I like the Netgear WiFi Analyzer. Will tell you signal strengths, channels used by neighbors, and even measure the actual Internet speed from your location. WiFi slows down with distance

    I experienced my ThinkPad doing a simular thing once and simply changing my WiFi router to a clear channel fixed that

    Of course, this is perhaps a long shot.... But WiFi IS a radio signal so things like channel interference or interference by home appliances may happen. Your microwave oven radiates in the lower WiFi band
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    UPDATE -- Issues still not resolved

    --Removed all WAN drivers.
    --Cannot roll-back V1909 because it's been too long.
    --Found an update available (Microsoft NET Framework), installed and rebooted.
    --Network SEEMED resolved for a couple of hours, but issues have returned.
    Will have solid internet for a few minutes, then error page ("A network change has been detected.") Then page will refresh and continue to work for a few minutes, then the same thing happens. Network works fine/fast except for continual drops/refreshes. So at least I can connect now but not continuously, which is big problem for video conferencing etc.
    --Ran network diagnostics, found problem that could not resolve.
    --Ran again, said problem was resolved, but did not really resolve anything, same problem.
    --Network diagnostic report can be read here. I'm not very knowledgeable but this part seems relevant:

    "Result of diagnosis: Problem found
    Root cause: This computer is continuously switching between two or more wireless routers or access points
    Detailed root cause: Excessive roaming (between access points, within a profile or a preferred network)
    Repair option: Select one preferred network Windows Help and Support can provide more information about how to prevent your computer from continuously switching between wireless routers or access points."

    I've now "forgotten"/deleted all known networks except my home network, and problem still persists, so I don't know what other access points it could be switching to without my permission or knowledge.

    THANKS EVERYONE for your help and feedback!
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  10. Caledon Ken's Avatar
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    Windows 10 Pro x64 Version 2004

    If you click on your wireless icon, lower right, are there any Opened networks in the list?

    Is your phone hotspot off.

    Does anyone else in home have a hotspot running?

    Are you sure this is not a dual band router? Never mind TP-Link WR940N does not have 5 GHz band.

    In the Advance tab we saw yesterday did you click 2.4 Band as preferred band
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