Hello all,

I am trying to share some files and folders on a windows 8.1 laptop with a windows 10 desktop. I have enabled all share options and authorizations on both computers and on the source files as well. However, on the windows 8.1 laptop the other pc is not visible below the network section in windows explorer. On the windows 10 desktop, the laptop I want to access is visible but when trying to open it is says that it cannot be accessed and that I need to check the spelling of its name. It reports the error code 0x80070035, stating that the network path cannot be found. I think the culprit is the windows 10 computer, because previously it had windows 7 installed and then it was working just fine. The desktop is only connected with my home network through an ethernet cable , on the laptop I tried using both the wifi and lan cable but neither would work. I have looked up the error code on the internet but I haven't been able to find a solution yet.

all help will be much appreciated