So I am on Bluetooth Device (Personal Area Network) #3, Microsoft Wi-Fi Direct Virtual Adapter #6, and #2 on my ethernet adapter.

One day, when i build another pc and restore this image via redeploy to the new hardware, i assume that its going to see new hardware and add further to the numbering fiasco.

What are my options? I've gotten my bluetooth personal area network back down to being un-numbered. Hopefully without breaking anything because the related keys tangled far n wide between having multiple adapters. It "seems" sound.

that being said when you have a half dozen network devices of different interfaces... not practical to try and address manually.

ive read something like netsh int ip reset or some such will wipe the tcp stack clean, but i dont know if that will address what im referring to.

anyone WAY more versed in these matters have anything for me? :P

- - - Updated - - -

got it.. for the most part.

pick your poison to run regedit as Trusted Installer and remove the offending profile(s) from HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\NetworkSetup2\Interfaces