So i've done all i know to do. I've been through the developers forum (more on that in a moment) and its gained me nada. This is my last ditch.

I have 3 applications capable of wake on lan. Wake on LAN (Magic Packet) which is a UWP app, TeamViewer, and now Multiplicity.

The latter is where my issue is. The first is extremely simple, you add a shortcut with a mac address and click it and your pc wakes up. Works without fail. TeamViewer, you simply add the teamviewer ID and it also works without fail. (Unsure if this uses something other than mac/magic packet, or something proprietary) Finally, multiplicity which uses mac address and comparing to the UWP app, it has identical/matching mac (to what the first app shows and works with) but wont work.

I want to ditch the UWP app as after what i paid for multiplicity, i really loathe the idea of a redundant application.

The weirdest part (main reason of my post) is this.

I have 3 pc's set up with multiplicity.

PC1 (main desktop) PC2 (backup desktop) PC3 (laptop)

- PC1 cant wake anything (with multiplicity, it can with everything else)

- PC2 can wake everything

- PC3 can wake everything

So umm yea. Ive checked the firewall rules and disabled the firewall altogether in both the gateway (should be irrelevant) and the windows firewall.

Ive done a clean boot with all non MS services and all startup items disabled. Same result.

What on earth is going on here?