Any way to get true 1G wired Ethernet on my new Laptop?

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    Any way to get true 1G wired Ethernet on my new Laptop?

    Hello all

    I just purchased a new Dell LT that was listed on NewEgg as having a 10/100/1000 wired Ethernet capability which I somewhat doubted but as the rest of it was so much good stuff for the price I grabbed it anyway, but sure enough when I got it just the other day the specs Windows 10 shows is that its only 10/100.

    So as it has USB 3.1 Gen 1 ports which are the only other better possible connections, I decided to try a good enough quality RJ 45 to USB 3.1-C adapter and plugged that into a USB-C to USB 3.1 Gen 2 adapter and see what I could get and it does all show in the OS as a 1G connection, but aside from a tiny first boost sometimes the best general overall transfer rate I can get and from a 1G source and via a short good CAT5 cable is about 100mb or a little over and even for that it can often drop down to 25mb for good periods of time.

    So aside from what I have already done is there any other way I can get anything faster on this thing?

    Note, the reason I am looking for this is while I know a NAS is really the thing for this, for various other reasons I am using a LT instead as the primary device for my home streaming system and while at 100mb on my old LT never really made things breakup once they were running, if I could get something even around 300mb it I could do a lot more then just one stream at a time and only in the house.

    Thanks greatly for any help.
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    Your mention of "Dell LT" and not having the My Computer information doesn't help. Computing relies upon complete, correct and precise information, haven't reached "fuzzy logic" yet although it is being worked on somewhere by someone.

    There frequently are a number of issues/variables with getting true connection speeds such as quality of hardware, all parts involved have the same level of performance, the ISPs providing the bandwidth needed to get the higher speeds for both downloading and uploading, etc. Downloading will nearly always show higher or better speeds than uploads, probably because consumers don't transfer as much data as businesses and Web sites do.
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    When you run these tests is your computer directly connected to Modem?

    If connected to router are all other devices disconnected (and wireless devices shut off).

    Trying to ensure no influences from other devices.

    Do other devices show this same speed drop, that is from 100 to 25mb for long period of time.

    Might also ask how are you testing this speed? Is this from the Ethernet Status Screen?

    Any way to get true 1G wired Ethernet on my new Laptop?-image.png

    or are your testing download speed from Internet?
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    As stated earlier, need the exact make and model # of laptop.
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    I missed asking, is this your first Dell computer? If so please make note of the tag/label somewhere on it, usually the bottom or may be in the battery compartment, that gives a Service Tag and an Express Service Code. Both can be used at to gain information, the ST gives for the machine and the ESC gives for how that particular machine was equipped for shipping.
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    Hey guys

    Thanks for the qucvik replys and sorry that I don't have the time to give any long reply's as I am running out the door.

    Also just to mention as I have several PC's is the reason I did not put all the specs for this one and as I just got it two days ago.

    Aside, for one all the things I am talking about at the moment have nothing to do with a ISP or going on the internet in anyway but just from my main PC through a 1G highend router, to this laptop.

    Then if its thought the info can help, its a Dell Inspiron 15 3593
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    Swap cable. Disconnect other devices. Set NIC to full duplex. Try alternate port on router.
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    I think the question is limited to data transfer rates over the OP's LAN. If so, LAN "speed' is limited by the transfer rates of the connected disc drives, correct?

    I have several Dell laptops with mechanical disc drives that were incredibility sloooow.

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    Hello all.
    Just wanted to say thanks for all the replies yesterday and Iím sorry I wasnít able to reply well to them as I was busy the rest of the day and also will be heading out first thing this morning.

    So to report, either from the latest drivers for the RJ45 to USB-C adapter I got off their website last night, or perhaps the suggestion of setting the NIC to Full Duplex at least one improvement has been made in that I did a test this morning and I was able to transfer 68gís which took about 20min at almost a flat line speed of about 110-113mbs over that whole time.

    Btw just to mention, Iím not sure if this is where that is supposed to be changed, but where I made that change was in the Ethernet adapters properties on the LT in Device Manager and then to the Advanced Tab and then under the category of Speed and Duplex from the things in the list.

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    That is the place.
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