[Windows 10 Pro Insider Preview Version 2004. OS Build 19569.rs_prerelease.200214-1419]

I have recently moved and it is no longer physically possible to connect my desktop PC to the internet via an Ethernet connection to my TRENDnet TEW-711BR H/W:V1.1RU wireless router. Rather, the desktop PC is connected using its Wi-Fi adapter to the internet through a Netgear wireless router via a MeshForce Whole Home Mesh WiFi System, Model M1. This works well enough, though there is some degradation of speed, which is not my immediate concern. In any case, I do not think that I shall be allowed to connect to the internet otherwise than as just described.

Before I describe what I want to achieve with your help, perhaps a brief description of the former network setup would be useful in showing what I'm familiar with and in suggesting the functionality that I should like to replicate. Previously, the TRENDnet router mentioned above was connected through its WAN port by an Ethernet cable to a cable modem. The desktop PC, a printer and an analogue telephone adapter were connected to the TRENDnet router through its LAN ports by Ethernet cables. Other devices, such as a cellular phone, connected wirelessly to the TRENDnet router. The desktop PC and the other devices were all on the same subnet and had access to the internet. What I should like to do is to connect the now-unused TRENDnet router to my desktop PC so that the router can make available through its wired LAN ports to the analogue telephone adapter, printer, etc., the internet connection that is being provided to it via its Wi-Fi adapter as described in the first paragraph. Alternatively, I suppose that I might somehow configure the TRENDnet wireless router itself to connect to the MeshForce network and then perhaps connect everything as in my previous network setup. I have some ideas about how I might do either of these, but because I am short of time for trial and error, I am hoping that someone here might be able to tell me just how the desired setup should be configured.

Any advice given will be very gratefully received.