HP 15-ay513tx laptop "Connected, No Internet" on hotspot..  

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    HP 15-ay513tx laptop "Connected, No Internet" on hotspot..


    I own a Dell Latitude 5430 and an HP 15-ay513tx. I often have to use my mobile's wifi hotspot to access internet on the go.

    I notice that I am able to access the internet fine on the Dell laptop. However, the HP one is a peculiar case.

    The HP Case:

    So, on the HP, the internet works fine as long as I'm viewing my lecture videos (which happen to be MPEG-TS segmented videos with AES encryption).

    However, if I view even a 10 minute long video on youtube, this is what has been occuring since the last 2-3 months:
    1. 2-3 minutes into the youtube video, the network icon starts showing the yellow exclamation mark. If I click on it, then for my wifi network, it says "Connected, No Internet". And I can no longer access the internet on laptop unless I:
      1. disable the network adapter, and re-enable it;
      2. reset the network stack (requiring restart); or,
      3. restart the system.

    2. However, if at this very point in time, I am able to browse the internet on my mobile's browser just fine!

    So there are a couple of perplexing issues for me...
    1. the internet works fine on the mobile's browser, but not on the laptop's browser connected to that very mobile's wifi hotspot.
    2. Also, on the the laptop, internet works fine as long as I'm browsing regular pages (like while navigating to and typing this post) or when viewing the MPEG-TS lecture videos (which have never been less than 2 hours long). However, if I view a youtube video, I face this "Connected, No Internet" issue.

    I have tried the following couple of things to no avail:
    1. I tried assigning DNSs (such as Google DNS and in the IPv4 and the IPv6 files of my network adapter properties. This didn't help.
    2. Turning off the hotspot, re-enabling it and then connecting the laptop back to it.
    3. Turning the hotspot as well as mobile data off, re-enabling both of them and then connecting the laptop back to it.
    4. Using another mobile's hotspot. Even on the other mobile's hotspot, I face the same issue.
    5. Disabling the wifi adapter from Device manager and then re-enabling it didn't solve the issue either.

    HP system specifications: https://support.hp.com/in-en/document/c05404795
    Dell system specifications: https://www.dell.com/downloads/globa...spec_sheet.pdf (the i5 variant)

    One of the suspects could be that one time, I had tried using the built-in Hyper-V Virtual Machine feature on my HP laptop. Since then, the number of network adapters has increased as per the following screenshot:
    HP 15-ay513tx laptop "Connected, No Internet" on hotspot..-capture.png

    Also, since then, even while using my wifi hotspot, I don't get the usual wifi icon in the system tray. Instead, I get an ethernet-like icon:
    HP 15-ay513tx laptop "Connected, No Internet" on hotspot..-untitled.png

    Both my laptops (the Dell one as well as the HP one) are running Windows 10 1607 (OS Build 14393.953).

    One of my constraints is that I cannot try updating my windows because of approaching exams.

    Any suggestions which can help me fix this issue without a windows update?

    - - - Updated - - -

    [Update:] I just noticed that all this while, I had ignored that actual Realtek Wifi adapter in the control panel... I had tried disabling and re-enabling the Hyper-V adapter..

    So disabling and re-anabling the actual Realtek Wifi adapter does restore the wifi to normal. But it's a real hassle because video streams often aren't resuming when I reconnect to the mobile's hotspot. I have to reload the entire webpage and navigate to the timestamp to resume my videos.

    Any solution which can help me solve this hassle?
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    I would try an older driver for your network on the HP. Get one direct from their site.

    Check current version in device manager so you know older one took when you install.


    Have you considered disabling Hyper V?

    What addin / extension are you using to monitor Upload and download speeds - see it in task bar - have you tried without this installed.

    While not an elegant solution the way I usually rectify Wireless issues is with a wi-fi dongle. New technology, better speed and less friction.

    It doesn't sound like you are Imaging your machine. I would recommend you look into a tool to do this. Lots of members use Macrium Reflect Free.

    Backup and Restore with Macrium Reflect

    Always easy to restore your system should something like a Windows update go bump in the night.

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    @Caledon Ken

    So I looked up at the HP drivers page and tried locating an older version of the Realtek Wifi driver. No luck, though.

    However, there was an update to the driver and I installed that. Since then, the wifi is working okay for the past few hours.

    However, I also notice that since I updated the driver, the Wifi icon is back in the taskbar tray...
    HP 15-ay513tx laptop "Connected, No Internet" on hotspot..-capture.png

    Also, the network adapters window has simplified a lot! And the Hyper-V ethernet adapter isn't shown as connected any longer..
    HP 15-ay513tx laptop "Connected, No Internet" on hotspot..-capture.png

    Are these good signs or bad ones?
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    In my book, very good.

    When things look right it is always a good sign.

    Test for a while and see how it goes.

    What addin are you using to monitor up and down speed, please?
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    @Caledon Ken,

    Thanks for the validation.

    Regarding the addin, I am ashamed I forgot to mention it in my previous post itself. Apologies for that.
    It's called Netspeed Monitor by an independent developer by the name Florian Gilles. Although it's no longer under active development/maintenance, it still works in Windows 10. I'm using the 64-bit variant because my windows is a 64-bit variant.

    Just hope I didn't violate any community guidelines by naming a 3rd-party software. Please let me know if I need to remove that information from this post in that case. :fingers crossed:
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    Windows 10 Pro x64 Version 22H2

    You did nothing wrong. We share information here.
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