Hi folks
these days you can SSH INTO windows from another machine without needing any 3rd party software -- the client is available by default but the server is also present -- you install it in the Add features in settings and then you have to enable it.

However that's not quite the end of the story as you have to enable it so go into powershell (admin mode) , start the sshd service and set it to start automatically on boot.

Now for example from a Linux machine I can ssh into a windows one -- if you want to mess around woth ports etc alter firewall rules to suit.

Anyway simple screenshots showing the base principle of how to use it.

1) Windows side : set up ssh server: (note change config file if you want to permit "root" or admin ssh access.

W10 includes BOTH SERVER and Client SSH-ssh1.png

2) Linux side logon to Windows SSH -- testing using a Linux Virtual Machine.

first on the Linux box as normal user enter ssh username@windowsipaddr. Enter password at prompt then you will get into the windows box in command mode as shown here

W10 includes BOTH SERVER and Client SSH-ssh2.png

If you want a full Windows GUI though you will have to have some type of "X" server on the Linux box (a Window manager) and enable 'X' (yes it's 'X' - not a typo !!) over ssh but that's another story -- usually for quick access the command lie is good enough for admin things and to retrieve the odd file (or receive one).

I use it on the Linux box in a bash script to receive a Macrium image backup I run on the Windows box nightly. That way I've always got a Windows backup file on the NAS server as well as on Windows itself.