Any idea where the problem is with shares on W10 and Offline files ??
I have 2 W10 (1909) computers. First is in workgroup and second is in domain. I share folders on workgroup comp. From domain computer I can access those shares without problems, just I put login and password of account from workgroup computer and that's it. But when I try to use Offline Files for one of the shares and set the share to have all files available offline on domain computer, this causes the problem. After setting Offline Files feature files are synchronized to domain computer from the one in workgroup perfectly, but after restarting the domain computer I loose access to shares on workgroup computer, I'm unable to connect to shares anymore, offline files are available but not synchronizing anymore by mobsync.exe etc. I got 0x80004005 error message and If I wanna map network drive to one of the shares I get message as something somewhere is currently mapped using a different user name and password.