Function Discovery Provider HostFunction Discovery Resource Publication

Both or one not really sure seem to stop working after a period of time, requiring me to Manually Restart them
This happen on two of my computer that run 24 - 7
I'm working with 5 computer network MS Work Group. All units have Sharing and Security set to share to Authorized Users
With the same Admin Local user account on all.

How I notice this Is I will check my Network in explorer and see that Office or FrontDesk will not be visible there. So when this happens I'll go to that unit and manually restart both functions and then they will show up again and be available in Explorer.
When I do this the functions show to be running usually, some times one or both will be stopped, but usually they still show they are running but the aren't until I restart them.

This started a while back when MS advised up to stop using SMB 1, I never had this issue using SMB 1.

This has been going on since back then I haven't seen a thread on this particular issue so I'm curious If I'm the only one or has this issue been previously discussed. I haven't really had time to sort it out.

All my computers are running W 10 Pro 64 bit with one running W8.1 pro 64 bit